Time Savor Portraits

A photograph stops time. A portrait savors it.


Black and White 
Black and white pencils are used on acid-free gray paper to show both shadows and highlights. 

 This sepia colored portrait is drawn by first toning an acid-free white paper with pastels, and then using shades of brown and white to achieve an antique and timeless effect.  
Full Color
Prismacolor pencils are used to achieve a life-like rendition of a photograph. 
Colored Highlights
Subtle shades of colors are added to black and white or sepia drawings to highlight skin tones, eye color, or objects in the drawing.
 Do you have a favorite artist... Da Vinci? VanGogh? Monet?
 I can render a portrait of your photograph using their style. 
Oil Painting
Oil paints are used to achieve a full range of life-like color.

Pricing (estimates)

 Size Number of subjects Price* (with white mat) Price* (framed)**
 8 x 10
 1 $75.        $115.
 8 x 10
 2 $100.        $140. 
 11 x 14
 1 $100.        $150. 
 11 x 14
 2 $125.        $175.
 11 x 14
 3 $150.        $200.
 16 x 20
 1 $125.        $200.
 16 x 20
 2 $150.        $225.
 16 x 20
 3 $175.        $250.
 16 x 20
 4 $200.         $275.

*Prices listed above do not include tax and shipping.  

** If a frame is desired, the artist will choose a gallery-style frame that complements your style of decor and the portrait.  

How it works...

  1. The client will email the artist images that the artist will use along with any special instructions.  Client must choose style and size.
  2. Artist will give feedback on images and quote a final price. Prices listed above are estimates for drawings only (not oil paintings*) and may be affected by difficulty (lots of hands, an added background, amount of desired color, frame, etc.).    
  3. Client will agree on final price and give the go-ahead to begin the project.  No deposit necessary. 
  4. The artist will complete project and email client a JPEG of final product.  Allow 4-6 weeks for project to be completed.
  5. The client can request changes or additions to the drawing before purchasing.
  6. The client will send payment.
  7. The artist will mail drawing in an acid-free white mat, suitable for framing.   

 *Contact artist for quotes on portraits done in oil paint.