Time Savor Portraits

A photograph stops time. A portrait savors it.

What else can I do besides create a portrait from your favorite photo?


Here are some ideas!  

  • Draw a portrait of all 3 of your kids using three different photos.   
  • Create a drawing of your toddler with hair from one photo and an special outfit from another.
  • Make a portrait of your teenage daughter without the braces on her teeth.
  • Replicate your wedding photo and take 10 pounds (or 10 years) off your husband.
  • Make a 4 generation drawing of all of the women in your family, even though your great-grandmother's been gone for 15 years.  
  • Make a treasured portrait of all of your favorite pets- from your childhood until now.   
  • Make a rendition of you and your fiance in your wedding attire to be displayed at your reception.  
  • Draw a portrait of you and your favorite celebrity standing side-by-side.

 The sky's the limit with artist Megan Benson as your family's personal portrait artist!