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Oh, the cuteness!

Posted by [email protected] on January 23, 2012 at 5:45 AM

I had the privilege of meeting Judah's parents through our church and home fellowship group. Judah has so much spunky energy and his smile is infectious!  I was so excited when his mom asked me to do a portrait of him for his dad for Christmas.  I have to be honest....I was worried I couldn't capture all the cuteness on a single sheet of paper!  

Here was the photo I used:

The one thing I wanted to change was where Judah was looking.  One rule of portraiture is when you have someone looking away from the camera, you have to leave room on the paper for where they are looking...  just like if you were to take a picture of someone running, you wouldn't cut the photo off at the subject matter; there needs to be some visual space for the subject to go. 

The same rule applies when a subject is starring into the distance.  You need visual space to make the composition appealing.  So *bibbity bobbity boo* I made Judah's eyes gaze more towards the camera so I could fill the picture plane with more of him and have no need to have space for where he was looking. 

And here's the final drawing! 

You're smiling, right?  See, Judah?  Your smile IS contagious!  I hope everyone who looks at your portrait can be as happy as you are! 

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